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3/4'S Class

MSDE Approved Education Program for 3-4-year-olds.
Licensed for 20 children - 2 teachers.
3/4’s Preschool classroom – This is the first of the two MSDE-approved educational program classrooms.  Children participate in a number of daily learning opportunities and activities supported through the use of the Investigator Club - Just for Three's Curriculum. Although a less structured environment than the 4/5’s PreK class, exposure to math/science, technology, social studies, music, art, the building of oral language, team building, and independent choice centers are all incorporated into your child’s day.  Each of these experiences helps to develop readiness skills for the next step to the 4/5’s Pre-K Class.  

Hey, I'm Mr. Anthony

I am the lead teacher of the 3/4's class here at SSPC Children’s Center. I have been employed here since 2016.  My overall goals are to help make the early learning experience entertaining and engaging; while at the same time encouraging positive social interactions between and amongst the children.
I began my academic journey in Child Development & ECE at High Point Hight School.  I then enrolled at Prince George’s Community College where I am currently completing my AA degree in Early Childhood Education. My hobbies include swimming, bowling and collecting as many pop culture t-shirts as possible!
My years at SSPC CC have been some of the best and most productive years of my life. I’m very much looking forward to more exciting and positive experiences here at SSPC CC in the years to come! 
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