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MSDE/OCC Licensed and Accredited Early Care and Education Program
License no: 33301
Our purpose is to provide high-quality early childhood education in Montgomery County.

Awareness, Knowledge of Other Languages and Cultures 

What Our Parents Say...

We were hoping to find a place that could be home until she went to kindergarten. SSPC CC has been just that. We have been thrilled with their care from 3 months thru pre-K.
SSPC Children's Center Parent
Both kids started at 3 months old and our oldest graduated this year. We have full trust in the school and our kids are well-prepared for life after SSPCCC. 
SSPC Children's Center Parent
We are glad we followed our friends’ advice & joined the SSPC community!  My oldest started at 3.  We made friends that we still see 4 years later.
SSPC Children's Center Parent

3's - 4's Class 

Threes transitioning from toddlers to preschool
2 teachers - 20 students 
Children take part in many daily learning opportunities and activities supported through the use of the Investigator Club - Just for Three's Curriculum. Exposure to math/science, technology, social studies, music, art, the building of oral language, team building, and independent choice centers are all incorporated into your child’s day.  

4's - 5's Class

Four's preparing for Kindergarten. 
​2 teachers - 20 students 
Supported through the use of the Investigator Club Pre-k Curriculum, this classroom environment is structured to build a solid foundation for later learning success in the formal school setting. Focus on the areas of language and literature, math/science, social studies, art, and technology are incorporated into your child’s day. 
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We prepare your child for kindergarten

Structured Program, Based on Play to Build Social Skills and Curiosity

We give your child a foundation based on diversity and understanding. Your child will feel comfortable around different groups of people. Preparing them for kindergarten.

01. Social skills to prepare them for Kindergarten

18 children -  2 teachers.
We dedicate personal time to each child to understand their needs. 

02. Basic skills to help them thrive when at school

We provide lunch and snacks for your children.

03. Diverse upbringing

We establish routines and being comfortable around diverse groups.

Programming and Services Include:

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