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Our Mission

The Silver Spring Presbyterian Church Children’s Center (SSPC CC) exists for the purpose of providing high-quality early childhood services to the Silver Spring area of Montgomery County.

Through our mission statement, we provide a philosophy of...

01. Enabling each of our children to grow and flourish emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually throughout their daily activities and experiences

02. Work in a spirit of partnership with all of the families, recognizing parents as the children's first teachers and primary nurturers.

03. Developing the whole child and providing support for the family

04. Nourishing the intelligence and growth of all children under our care and supervision

05. Respecting individual uniqueness and promote positive social connections

06. Preparing our children to be fully ready to learn upon entrance to the school

Simply put, we care about each individual at SSPC Children's Center.

Give your child the benefits of 45+ years of nurturing and growing children at a crucial period in their development and education.  

SSPC Children's Center was established in 1975 as a service to families in the community who desired quality child care in a warm and caring environment. The Center is sponsored by the Silver Spring Presbyterian Church. We offer child care for infants, toddlers, and two's as well as an MSDE-approved Education Program for preschoolers ages 3-5. Both programs use age-appropriate curricula. We pride ourselves on our caring and dedicated staff. We are open year-round. Our facilities are located on the first floor. It includes spacious outdoor and indoor play areas.
The Center is a secular organization. Governed by an oversight group called the Preschool Weekday Education Committee (PWEC). 
Participants include parents, community volunteers, SSPC members, The Center Director, and staff representatives. The Committee is responsible for the operations and quality assurance of the Center’s programs. They focus on program evaluation, sustainability and policy issues that affect the Center. 
MSDE/OCC Licensed and Accredited Early Care and Education Program
License no: 33301
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