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Mobile Infants

Maximum enrollment: 6 children - 2 teachers in each room.
Age range: 9-18 months.
Infants reach many milestones during the first year. One is mobility. We arrange the classroom environment for play reflective of your child's needs.
Our program focuses on independence skills such as self-feeding, sleeping on cots, and walking. Also, graduating to table foods and use of sippy cups.
We foster the use of language, listening, and socialization skills. Throughout the day we offer activities, to promote small/large muscle coordination. Using various art mediums, looking at books and turning pages, and using manipulatives.
Large muscle activities: sit, crawl, pull up, stand, cruise, walk, climb, and more.
Daily activities: greeting and goodbyes, meals, routine care, storytime, music/movement, self-selected activities, rest times, outdoor play, and neighborhood walks.
We continue to maintain daily written and verbal communication with the parents. Together, we identify the infants’, sleeping, wake time, feeding, and toileting patterns. Mobile Infants change from moment to moment. As they grow into more independent beings, it’s time to move on to the experiences ahead in the Toddler/Two's Room.

Hey, I'm Ms. Luz

I have worked at SSPC Children’s Center since June 2002. I started off as a floater and worked with all age groups before becoming the Mobile Infants Lead Teacher in 2008. I am also a Children’s Librarian for Montgomery County Public Libraries. I have a Master’s degree in Libraries and Information Science. I am really passionate about early literacy for young children and helping instill the love of reading and listening to stories from a young age. I love reading, sitting and watching the ocean, and crafting all kinds of things. 
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